Thumbs Up: 10 Websites We Love

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  1. Honestly, The Minimalists made this list because we love the concept. We think you will too.
  2. Sometimes you may just be in a Rainy Mood. We could listen for hours.
  3. Grammarly will help you fix those grammatical errors that might otherwise get overlooked.
  4. Roadtrippers will help you plan your next … yeah, that’s right – road trip. Time to pack your bags!
  5. Online Conversion is the perfect source to convert – just – about – anything.

  6. If you are on a budget? Then visit Fiverr to access a multitude of services at a price that starts at just $5.00! If you are looking to make money, sign up and start providing your own services or product.
  7. Are you a student? Then you will want to bookmark Khan Academy – a free online resource where you could learn just about any subject.
  8. Do you need to solve a mathematical equation? Check out WolframAlpha: Computational Knowledge Engine.
  9. Instead of spending time looking for a place where you can send a fax, visit Free Fax.
  10. If you want to improve your images, try PicMonkey.  PicMonkey is a free online image editor. You can even create collages.

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