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15 Awesome Tips for Selling at Indie Markets

Indie Market tips

Working for ourselves can feel good. It can provide flexibility and often better pay. But it can take time before we’re able to leave our day job. That sucks when we hate our day job! However, every step we take toward our goals will bring us closer to our dream. If we never take a […]

Positive Change: Awesome Videos That Inspire

live to full potential

Awesome Videos That Inspire Life is difficult so we could all use inspiration now and then. There are some things we can do on a daily basis that can make a positive impact on our lives – like changing bad habits for good habits. Check out these videos that inspire positive change. “When one door of happiness […]

Hey Traveler – Pack Like a Pro!

pack light when traveling

Packing tips I love to travel,  but, I’m not a big fan of packing too many belongings. Packing can be fun, while unpacking is rather a somber experience. So, I advocate a minimalistic approach. It’s not always possible to eliminate too much clutter, however, traveling can be a suitable time to assess the essentials. Here’s […]