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Positive Change: Awesome Videos That Inspire
Awesome Videos That Inspire Life is difficult so we could all use inspiration now and then. There are some things we
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Are you sad, stressed, or just need to be inspired?
Get Inspired We need to be proactive in feeding ourselves with those things that will help us to get inspired
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Turn Your Passion Into Profit
Turn Your Passion Into Profit Most of us would love to make money doing what we love for a living,
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How to Choose the Right Advice
Taking advice from someone with experience and understanding can be encouraging, motivating, and a positive step toward a better life.
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Thumbs Up: Websites We Love
Blog Archives Websites We Love! The Minimalists made this list because we love the concept. We think you will too. Sometimes
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Quotes to Power Through a Bad Day
Quotes to power through a bad day “A bad day only lasts 24 hours.” Having a bad day? Check out
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Top Power Foods to Protect Your Brain
Power Foods to Protect Your Brain         Power foods for the brain are those that help protect
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Move Yourself to Compassion
Compassion Builds Hope Compassion is more beautiful than anything aesthetically pleasing. It’s a trait that moves beyond vanity, judging, and selfishness.
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The Ultimate Gift: An Animated Story of Your Family
The Ultimate Gift I absolutely love this idea! If you are looking for a unique gift, visit STORYCORPS and give the
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