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Personality Traits Influence Behavior

Misunderstandings and conflicts in life can come from a lack of understanding which is often traced to personality differences. It’s helpful to have an accurate assessment of personality traits as it can be beneficial to both business and personal communications.

meyers-briggs personality typing

An awareness of personality patterns can allow us an opportunity to recognize strengths and notice opportunities for growth. There are 16 possible outcomes using the MBTI assessment which shows individual preferences in four dichotomies.

Of course, not every personality type will act in the same manner because we are also influenced by our knowledge, environment, values, and experience. However, behaviors, talents, and outlook on life can develop based on particular personality types.

Personality profiling is a helpful tool for effective communication. Communication is the basic foundation for almost everything we do in life.

Additionally, knowing the personality type of our children can help us better encourage them and help them thrive. Learning styles vary, which is probably why so many children have conflicts in school. We want to give them a one-size-fits-all schedule and then reprimand them when they struggle.

Learning Style

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