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Working for ourselves can feel like an accomplishment. The thought of doing something we love while gaining flexibility and better pay is often the trigger that sends people dreaming of the possibility. One way to work for yourself is to try selling at Indie Markets.

Unfortunately, it can take time before we’re able to leave our day job and that sucks when we hate our current working environment. However, every step we take toward our goals will bring us closer to making our dreams a reality.

If we never take a step, we aren’t going very far.

Want to sell at Indie Markets?

We’ve listed some ideas just for you!

Product Ideas

Perhaps you have this figured out already. If you have a passion, hobby, or creative hook, you might be set for the product. However, if you aren’t sure, we’ve listed some ideas to help ignite your creative juices.

    1. Recycled Greeting Cards or Jewelry. Build a niche and tell a story.
    2. Can you draw? Create cartoons or illustrations and sell prints and the originals. Having a combination of price points will satisfy your client base.
    3. If you aren’t creative but have a good eye, consider selling retro items. Shop for unique pieces at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.
    4. Do you like to sew? Revamp vintage clothing into cool and modern pieces. Or use old clothing to create fiber art and turn them into pillows.
    5. Indie markets are great for those who also like to grow things, like succulent plants in unique bases, or fresh herbs.
    6. Sell baked goods with a unique twist or hard-to-find healthier versions of treats, like gluten-free cookies or vegetable ice pops.

    ideas for indie markets

    Candles, jewelry, art, crafts, honey, jam, coffee are all commonly found. Just add a unique twist to your creations.

    Indie market booth

    The display booth is crucial. You don’t want to blend in too much with all the other vendors selling at indie markets.

    Here are some tips for your indie market booth:

    1. Cover your tables professionally. A fitted cloth can be purchased or sewn. They tend to look more professional.
    2. Create great signage. Professional banners and large foam boards can be purchased online or locally. You can usually find great deals online. Use your own printer to create smaller signs and place them in frames.
    3. Create layers of height. This always looks best. You could also add a plant in a cool base for aesthetics.
    4. Use easels to display art, cards, and books.
    5. Find creative ways to make a display, like door frames with chicken wire, vintage suitcases, old crates, antique ladders. Check out Pinterest for awesome ideas.
    Other Ideas
    1. Give yourself time to set up. Especially, if it’s your first time.
    2. Get a Square card or a similar payment system so you can accept credit cards.
    3. Create a website. There are many free opportunities if you don’t want to spend the money. However, you will want to get a domain name with your business and a .com, which is the most professional route. You need to start building an online presence.
    4. Get business cards! They are crucial. Indie markets are a great way to advertise, so, make an impression and hand out cards to those who are interested. You could simply place cards in a wood or brass bowl. Some vendors are more particular when handing out cards, as the majority of visitors will simply throw it out (that can be costly). Consider MOO MiniCards to promote your product. MOO is an awesome site for inspiring ideas and quality product.

    Search the internet for a list of Indie Markets near you. Eventually, you might want to take the show on the road!

    Check out the videos below for more fun tips for selling at indie markets.

    Use a different photo for every card

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